Downtown Grand Haven possesses a very rich historical background and a distinct aesthetic with its waterfront location, thriving business district and strong focus on the arts. It is the aim of the preservation and place committee to preserve, enhance and celebrate these environmental attributes of the properties within the MSDDA district while educating the community, businesses and property owners about the importance of historical preservation.

Projects Include:

  • Rocket Fish Project
  • Banners
  • Landscaping
  • Design assistance
  • Maintenance program


  • Installed underground storm retention filters to prevent foreign materials from making their way into the Grand River and Lake Michigan.
  • Planted green roofs atop dumpster overhangs to capture rainwater pollutants.
  • Compiled a comprehensive catch basin database, including location and direction of water flow, to quickly and efficiently trace contaminants back to their origins.
  • Installed a new snow melt system in the subsurface of the first three blocks of Washington St. and the surrounding curbs and sidewalks