Walkability – Snowmelt

Western Michigan is known for its harsh winters, with snowfall and freezing temperatures the norm for many months during the winters. But guests of Downtown Grand Haven need not worry about the weather! The Grand Haven Main Street Downtown Development Authority (MSDDA) recently commissioned the installation of an environmentally friendly snowmelt system that keeps the sidewalks and streets of Downtown free and clear of snow and ice all winter long!

The snowmelt system is made up of a series of tubes beneath the sidewalks and roads in the first three blocks of Downtown Grand Haven. Water diverted from the Grand River and nearby Board of Light and Power runs through the tubing, warming the substructure and preventing the surface from accumulating snow and ice. As a result, people can wander around without worrying about slips and falls. The next time the weather threatens to shut down your excursion, head on down to Downtown Grand Haven where the sidewalks and streets are always clear!