Situated along the shores of Lake Michigan and the Grand River, the community of Grand Haven is indeed a haven for locals and visitors alike. The historic City of Grand Haven was incorporated in 1867 and has since evolved into a vibrant place that more than 11,000 people call home.

The Tri-Cities area, encompassing Grand Haven, Spring Lake and Ferrysburg, have a total
population of approximately 40,000. The close-knit community is known for it’s high level of volunteerism and philanthropic involvement. The many events and activities in Grand Haven year round enable people of all ages to participate in the community.

The community is renowned for it’s progressive mindset. With a forward thinking approach, Downtown Grand Haven has become a vibrant district with modern businesses positioned in an historic setting. In recent years, the main shopping district was outfitted with an environmentally friendly snow melt system under the sidewalks and roads, new parking areas, green roofed dumpsters, landscaping and more. In 2012, numerous Downtown and Centertown storefronts were improved with new facades in styles that enhance the architecture of the overall district.

There are also many community based organizations devoted to creating and sustaining a healthy, dynamic community. Grand Haven has an active Chamber of Commerce, Visitor’s Bureau, VFW, Eagles, YMCA, Rotary Club, Jaycees, Tri-Cities Kiwanis, Lions Club, and more!