A visit to Grand Haven is not complete without a walk a day spent at the beach! Recently, Grand Haven Beach was named one of the world’s best secret beaches by Travel and Leisure Magazine. It was joined by other beaches in places like Koh Lanta, Thailand and Cirali Beach, Turkey.

The always changing hues of Lake Michigan make Grand Haven Beach an eye-pleasing place to pass time. Shades of deep blue, aqua and green offer a beautiful backdrop against the soft sands that sing when you swish your feet to and fro.

Lake Michigan’s waves are excellent for boogie boarding and even surfing most days. Many people pack the place to sunbathe, swim, play volleyball, frisbee and badminton. Some bring kites, kayaks and parasails. Others are out to simply enjoy the scenery with friends and family. Whatever the reason, Grand Haven Beach is indeed one of the best beaches on earth!